Buy stuff From the Renegades!!!
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Buy stuff from the Crusading Renegades!!!

All of the products are used...they all function perfectly. They are as good as they were when they were new (in some cases they are exceptionaly better now than they were when they were new due to aftermarket parts upgrades).

any item without a picture will have a picture very soon!!!

2003 Smart Parts Impulse (dust blue)(left)

2003 Smart Parts Impulse (Dust Blue)
~Off The Break Trigger Frame (Silver)
~Off The Break Blind Bolt (Black)
~Shocktech Superfly Bolt (Blue Tail & Pin)
~16 Inch Dye Ultralite Barrel with .692 and .688 bored backs and 1 front (Blue Front, Black Backs)
~14 Inch 2 peice Smart Parts All-American Barrel (Dust Blue Front, Black Back)
~Evil Respirator (Balck)
~New Designz Low-rise Twisting Feedneck (Black)
~Shocktech Drop Forward #3 (Chrome)
~Shocktech On/Off (Chrome)
~Phat Hammer
~Brass Hammer
~Rat Valve
~New Designz Blade Trigger (Chrome)

comes with stock parts aswell as parts listed above. Most if not all of the parts listed above are already installed. Talk to seller for more info on that. You will have a lot of fun with this one.

Contact Hildahl for more information

2003 WGP STO Autococker (Blue)(right)

2003 WGP STO Autococker (Blue)
~Shocktech Bomb 3-way (Chrome)
~Shocktech Ram (Green)
~Shocktech Regulator for Front Block (Chrome)
~WGP Front Block (Blue)
~Shocktech Beaver Tail (Black)
~Shocktech Cocking Rod (Blue)
~Shocktech Phat Hammer Assembly
~Shocktech Superfly Bolt (Red)
~Shocktech Spring Kit
~Shocktech Dialer Kit
~Shocktech Valve
~Shocktech #3 Drop Forward (Black)
~BKO Vertocall Regulator (Black)
~WGP Back Block (Blue)
~WGP Acutator Rod (Chrome)
~WGP Pump Arm (Chrome)
~WGP Ball Detents (Chrome)
~Dye Boomstick (Black Tip, Chrome Back)
~Dye Sticky Grips (Blue)
~WGP Hinge Frame (Blue)
~Dye Boomstick 14inch
~Eggy Hopper in rough condition (still usable) comes with 2 Batteries

Asking 500 (with E2 eblade (not included) you could make this gun better than the famous karnivore)

contact Hildahl for more information.

2003 WGP Verticle Feed Autococker (Blue)(left)

WGP 2003 Vertical Feed Autococker (Blue)
~Dead on Drop Forward with On/Off (Black)
~Dead on 8 Stage Expansion Chamber (Blue)
~AIM Derlin Bolt (Black)
~Demon 16inch Barrel Silver to Black Fade (really sweet)

Asking 250 (Includes Stock Parts)

Contact Hildahl for more information